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From over a decade of experience in marriage & music, wellness entrepreneurship, and training in Transpersonal Psychology, we are of service to you finding harmony and progress in your life, your family, your work, and your love. 

Transpersonal Psychologists & Pneuma Breathwork Facilitators, Musicians & Song-writers currently with two albums “Love is King, Love is Queen” and “The Road” with a third music offering coming soon.  Leaders in a global team of Wellness Educators with doTERRA.

Avasa Love

Like so many in these times, my journey towards the Light began near the rock bottom of darkness. At the age of 19, pursuing a professional career in dance in NYC, I fell under the negative influence of unhealthy teachers, and into the oh so common struggle with an eating disorder. In the midst of this daily addictive battle, one day alone and in despair in my apartment in Queens, from the yearning to heal I had a spontaneous awareness and realisation.

As if pulled off the edge of a cliff, in my questioning of the purpose and meaning of my life, I had an extraordinary experience of Divinity, God, or what I couldn’t put a name to. I had a non-religious upbringing, so this experience of Light opened a chapter of questing, seeking, and profound healing that brought me from searching through sacred texts, to back-packing through India, to moving in to heal with my estranged Father, to eventually meeting my beloved Matthew, and finding our spiritual home and teacher of Transpersonal Psychology - Pneuma Institute and Juan Ruiz Naupari. Everything in my life had become consecrated to the process of healing. I had grown up eating seaweed and tofu, my powerhouse single Mom had raised me and my siblings on a super conscious vegetarian organic diet, and so this influence carried on throughout my life, and I have always found my medicine cabinet amongst the herbs in the local health food store. My journey from darkness and self destruction and into the expanse of  light and healing, has naturally resulted in my commitment to the service of well-being and inner peace on behalf of others. 

My personal journey and my studies have equipped me with the lived experience, as well as ancient and modern techniques to facilitate the introspection and discovery for others to find their inner wisdom and source of liberation.  As well, the art I express, whether it is music or dance, continues to be an expression of this journey towards wholeness, peace, and a devoted life. 

Matthew Love

I had many blessings in my youth; had loving parents that stayed together, I was raised in the small, quiet, rural town of Point Reyes Station CA, played music and sports, and was surrounded by a supportive family with much kindness to be grateful for. Yet, I was also indoctrinated into the culture so prevalent to our time, and at age 14 began an addiction to smoking the ever fashionable power plant of Marijuana. For me, this was connected to my idolization and distorted view of drugs, sex, and mainstream popular culture, this enabled habits and a lifestyle of disassociation, avoidance, low self esteem, selfishness and irresponsibility all disguised in the rationality that this is just who I was. After many failed relationships in my late twenties, one day sitting in my car, I had an honest conversation with God that changed everything, and led to me meeting Avasa, and the beginning of a new decisive life. 

I began making one commitment after the other, confronting my fears and doubts, and re-sacralizing my life thanks to my inner Guide and the guidance of our teacher Juan Ruiz Naupari and our studies in Pneuma Institute and Transpersonal Psychology. I know what it is like to want to hide in false paradises of selfish pleasure, but I also know what it is like to conquer addictions and build sincere intimacy in our lives. Whether it is through the music we share, or our courses and coaching, It’s an honor to support others in walking this sacred path we all can walk to experience and embody our wholeness and joy.

Transpersonal Psychology is a study of the soul that recognizes the real human nature as spiritual. 

One of the main precursors of this category of psychology would be Carl Jung, who stated, 

“I cannot prove to you that God exists, but my work has proved empirically that the pattern of God exists in every man and that this pattern in the individual has at its disposal the greatest transforming energies of which life is capable. Find this pattern in your own individual self and life is transformed.” 

We have had the privilege of studying Transpersonal Psychology under the tutelage of Juan Ruiz Naupari, a peruvian psychologist who established Pneuma Institute as a multidisciplinary, academic, artistic and spiritual education that cultivates a transcendental type of consciousness to create a new culture of peace. Under his guidance we study the essence of the various eastern and western wisdom traditions throughout the planet, finding their common thread and complementary practices. Modern scientific concepts combine with ancient philosophy, producing profoundly effective tools and techniques for the liberation of suffering and the gradual development of self actualization. Within Pneuma Institute we have studied a methodology called Transpersonal Analysis, a distinct practice of psychoanalysis which aids us as coaches to assist an individual or couple in their process of introspection and observation of the various conflicts and struggles that arise from the subconscious, enabling us together to distinguish the root cause of the pathology, and ultimately understand the core need and path forward to arrive at clarity and healing. Our coaching sessions include centering exercises, a conversation for internal investigation and analysis, as well as training in recommended practices and techniques. 

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