New Music Pre-Releases

As husband and wife, Avasa & Matthew weave together their creative inspiration to offer music and melodies that serve the hearts longing for love, joy, and peace.  From their life of spiritual study and practice, their music is infused with profound contemplations and the ancient use of mantras to guide the mind back towards its source. Their sound is an inspiring blend of world, devotion, soul, and reggae, with unique anthemic coloring in each song that is especially highlighted by their vocals. Avasa and Matty have rich, soulful voices that beautifully blend together in every lyric, offering the listener a transcendent experience of healing and union. 

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This is a place for any one-time donations to have downloads to our new monthly song releases. As well, those who join the community will be poured into with complimentary live online monthly voice and song workshops, get downloadable vocal warm ups, and more to come like meditation, yoga classes, and more.
Download our NEW SINGLE Light Is In the Air & check out our community offerings in this link!
Mama Come Save My Soul
Sittin In A Circle
Sister, Brother


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