This is your cordial invitation to join us for an immersion in education and profound practice, to heal within yourself and in your relationships through contemplation, meditation, Pneuma Breathwork, nature, music, yoga and more… We'll come home to ourselves and learn from our true teacher, within. 
Join us for A Pathway to Love Retrea
in the the sacred land of Mt Shasta! 
For Info and to Register:
Program Includes:
Classes & Interactive Practices for Conscious Relating
Daily Meditation & Yoga
Pneuma Breathwork
Chanting & Music
Nature Excursions & Time to Rest
Organic Catered Food

Classes include:
Architecture of Our Psyche : Understanding our traumas & triggers from a Transpersonal vision
The Art of Holding Space
Conscious Communication and Problem Solving
Preparing for the One (for individuals)
Introduction to Sacred Sexuality: Sex, Science, & Spirituality

Cost Range:
$1280 - $970 per person (dependent upon lodging)
10% early bird discount till April 31st
$500 non-refundable deposit


For any Further Question: or text 4159995496
Our whole life is a mandala of relationships; our relationship to our own body, our family and loved ones, our work, and ultimately to our Self. 

The art of harmonious relationships relies upon us coming to know ourselves; both the innate fullness within, as well as the labyrinth of conditionings. We all have an internal reservoir from which we can listen, hold a more sophisticated space for one another, forgive, co-create, and love from our whole being. 

As guides and coaches in the world of relationship, we help you individually, or as a couple, dissolve confusion, come in contact with your in-dwelling wisdom, and be equipped with effective strategies for understanding and harmony in communication, so that your expression of love can flourish.

3 Strategies for Navigating Triggers FREE Guide
Enjoy this free gift; a tool to enhance awareness and strategies in navigating the rocky waters that inevitably arise in relationship. Included are 3 effective tools, as well as a self awareness journal prompt. Enjoy, and may it serve your love and wellbeing.